Teacher’s Training

Being Qualified to Teach in the UK

To be the best teacher you can ever be in England and Wales, you should go through a number of trainings to ensure your place among the “créme de la créme” of mentors in the country. Besides that, the following scholastic accomplishments are required for you to get a professional qualified teacher status (QTS), which is your ticket to be accepted in state-maintained schools in the nation.

PGCE (Postgraduate or Professional Certificate in Education) Courses

Also called Initial Teacher Training (ITT), this particular course can include credits toward pursuing a master’s degree. Though it is normally taught in universities or higher education institutions, much of the course time is spent on local school placements.

QTS Skills Tests

Though this one is not a training ground, you will have to stand up to this challenge if you are bent on getting a teaching license. Subjects included for such a mental training are information and communications technology (ICT), literacy, and numeracy. Usually, many aspiring instructors complete this particular prerequisite while undertaking their PGCE courses.

NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) Year

Right after you are through with the ITT, you will have to complete this period of induction. However, you do not have to worry as you have the freedom to undergo this process within five years after completing the PGCE course (in case that you wish to have a taste of the corporate world). Essentially, it will be your first year to get employed as a mentor.

Once you have completed all requirements, you can then be hired to teach any age range. To easily and conveniently search for teaching opportunities in the UK, simply upload your curriculum vitae through our jobsite today.